DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE are global leaders in garment manufacturing. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Istanbul, we are a fully-integrated textile company experiencing rapid growth as a worldwide brand.

With production facilities in Port Said Free Trade Zone in Egypt and Mersin Free Trade Zone in Turkey, plus offices in İstanbul, Spain, Switzerland and the United States, dedicated teams of over 2.000 employees work together to produce over a million innovative and sustainable pieces every month. Flexible lead times, fast turnaround, competitive prices and cutting-edge research and development make DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE one of the most in-demand apparel partners in the world.

Our in-house washing mill is run by industry experts who travel the world to discover and incorporate the latest fashion trends, ensuring DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE are always at the vanguard of the garment industry. And our commitment to social and environmental responsibility means we can continue to make ethically-sourced products for years to come while keeping our employees—and the planet—happy and safe.

We invite you to explore the site and learn more about what makes DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE so special. Come and walk with us.

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