The key to the future is one word: Sustainability

As a global leader in garment manufacturing, DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE understands that we have a responsibility to produce products that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable in the long term. Our team of sustainability managers is dedicated to making sure DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE uses the latest in cutting-edge technology and innovation to make our environmental footprint as light as possible. We simply can’t stay in business if we don’t take the health of the planet into consideration.

We are also committed to being socially and ethically responsible, as we know how crucial our employees are to our success. Happy employees are more productive. Their success is our success.

These commitments are not just important to us, they’re important to our customers. Our patrons want to know that they’re buying eco-friendly products made by fairly-treated workers.

We are periodically evaluated by third party companies such as ITS and SGS to make sure we are maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity. We are proudly SEDEX certified to prove our dedication to excellence.

We will soon have our solar panel system installed in our Egypt facilities to provide eco friendly energy.

From a vision to reality

DO and GNT Textile, our vision is to lead the change towards circular and renewable industries while being a fair and reliable company. Using our size and scale, we are working to catalyze systemic changes across our operations, our entire value chain, and our industry.

Our priority is to respect nature and people. We acknowledge the needs of present and future generations and the demand both by our planet and our industry. We believe that the way we conduct our business should be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

It’s in our hands to shape the history of the future to be rewritten with a different perspective. We’re in this together to build experiences of the future.

  • We reduce water and chemical consumption by using Laser machines and Ozone machines in production.
  • We work with Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, the highest level of nature and human friendly product group. We produce in accordance with ZDHC Level3 chemical management.
  • The Energy and Water used are monitored every month and improvements are made.
  • In 2022, we are making a project at the treatment plant in Egypt, where at least 90% of the waste water will be recycled.
  • For DO Textile & GNT Textile, HIGG FEM 3 is our verified evaluation grade.

Better Cotton Initiative

Better Cotton Initiative

Organic 100

Organic 100

Recycled 100

Recycled 100

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources

Our targets in sustainability

We aim to progress with sustainable investments and embrace innovative technologies globally for long-term business opportunities to keep DO and GNT Textile relevant and thriving in a rapidly changing world.
Our priority is to provide maximum access to sustainable solutions and transmit the information directly in a more transparent way.

By 2023

We aim to supply 90% sustainable and certified cotton.
We aim to use solar panels by 2023.
We aim to operate with 83% recycled water in the entire production, aiming to achieve zero water discharge.
We aim to become carbon neutral by planting half a million trees.

By 2025

We aim to support the sustainable supply chain by producing 93% of our products with recycled and sustainably sourced resources.
We aim to operate our facilities with zero carbon emissions.

By 2027

We aim to be climate positive by supporting the climate positive value chain.

Our certificates:

Both in Turkey and Egypt; OCS, RCS

Platforms subscribed to related with sustainability:

Both in Turkey and Egypt; ZDHC, HIGG, BHIVE, BCI