What you focus on is what multiplies

DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE is recognized worldwide for our spotless reputation for high quality denim garments, expertise in fabric sourcing, visionary design capacities and advanced washing R&D. In addition to quality, we are committed to integrity when it comes to both the environment and our employees.

Strategic partnerships with major international brands in the ready-to-wear and apparel sectors make DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE a fast-growing, highly profitable global operation.

Over 3,000 unique styles per year

With a network that spans the planet—including continuously growing markets in Europe and the U.S.—we focus on innovation, cutting-edge designs, outstanding quality, competitive pricing, sustainability and social responsibility. These values are reflected in each and every product that rolls out of our factories. With offerings of over 3,000 unique styles per year (in sync with the latest fashion trends and technological advancements), flexible short lead times and super-fast production turnaround, DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE has one mission and one mission only: to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Over 20 years of experience

DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE has over 20 years of experience in both manufacturing and marketing in the garment industry, as well as high production capacity, laser focus on customer satisfaction, and third party certification to prove our dedication to being ethically responsible.