None of us is as smart as all of us

At the heart of DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE are the people who make it all possible.

Our production team consists of 2,000 people, in our Egypt facilities and in Turkey. From washing experts to marketing experts, our team works together to create products that are both cutting-edge and socially responsible.

Over two thousand people

It takes a village to successfully produce a high volume of top-quality products. Our innovative design team, a critically important quality control team and our sustainability managers are just a sampling of the many amazing people who work together to make DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE so successful.

We respect the rights of our employees and the laws that protect them. We believe in quality garments produced by quality employees. And quality employees are treated fairly.

The DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE teams supports one another, and we go out of our way as a company to be sure that both our customers and our workers are always satisfied.