Our work is the presentation of our capabilities

DO TEXTILE and GNT TEXTILE have gradually and consistently increased our output volume each year since the company was founded.

253,000 sqft in Egypt,
140,000 sqft in Turkey

Our apparel manufacturing is spread between two plants. GNT TEXTILE’s facility has 253,000 square feet of production space, while DO TEXTILE’s facility has a 140,000 square foot capacity.

All that space is put to good use, allowing for a production capacity of over 1 million pieces every month.

Over one million pieces every month

Our flexible short lead times of 4-6 weeks and super-fast production turnaround times of just 3-4 weeks allow us to offer over 3,000 unique, on-trend styles each year. And in our industry, being on-trend is key. Our washing experts seek out and track new fashion trends by tirelessly traveling to key markets and trade shows around the world, bringing information and inspiration back to our in-house washing mill.